Existing Clients:

People suffering with addictions and drug or alcohol dependency do not always get the care they need, because often those closest to them fail to realize that they are truly sick. Accurately defining and understanding the affliction is the first step towards successfully treating addiction.

Our Principles of the Disease Model drug and alcohol abuse counselor training program will give you a better understanding of what chemical dependency really is—a terrible disease. This effective chemical dependency counselor training course is designed to show substance abuse counselors how to spot the symptoms of the disease, how to make the right diagnosis, and how to prescribe the proper treatments to help their clients begin healing.

The Addiction IS a Disease – Principles of the Disease Model drug abuse counselor training course gives you the skills to recognize and effectively respond to:

  • The symptoms of addiction, which allows you to make the fastest most accurate diagnosis possible
  • The progression of the disease, so you can pinpoint your clients’ current and future needs
  • The degree of dependency, so that you may correctly scale your clients’ treatment
  • Separate personal effects, in order to target specific factors of the disease
  • Differences between dependencies, to let you apply the disease model to almost every case
  • Abuse logistics, to give you the skills to address the day to day practice of different substance dependencies

The Enrollment Fee for this vital course is: $ 45
The number of credit hours you will earn for this course is: 6